Next Show!!! April 28 and April 29

Aubrey Entertainment Presents Scarlet Stitch on April 28th  at The Root Basement Bar in Athens 9:30pm

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Then on Saturday April 29  at Smokey Gringo in Winder it's a triple D show with Duke, Donnie and Deb  6:30pm

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Born in Athens, the musical heart of Georgia, over 13 years ago, Scarlet Stitch is a fusion of multiple musical stylings. They are a rock'n roll band at their core with key inspirations from outlaw country, jam bands, and alternative rock. Georgia Music Award Winner vocalist Deb Carter and guitar player Duke Wayland write songs unconstrained by specific musical genres and speak to raw, real life experiences. Scarlet Stitch put their own unique and playful take on covers derived from a variety of your favorite songs from other bands. Along with bassist Donnie Bowden, guitarist  Jody DiMarco and drummer Scott Norris, the  band is energetic and spontaneous.  The only thing you're guaranteed to get from a Scarlet Stitch show is a great time.  



Scarlet Stitch shows off their acoustic guitars, acoustic bass, and cajon, and sometimes the famous "rock and roll banjo man" Rich Born joins in, to share a fun and creative sound that is perfect for smaller venues.   Scarlet Stitch still brings the same tenacity to their original tunes played acoustic as they do plugged in.  They have altered a few cover songs to fit their style and fans are often surprised hearing a new take on a familiar song.  These acoutic sets give their music a place to become more exposed which then allows the audience and the band to connect more intimately.  


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