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Georgia Music Award winner Deb Carter  BEST FEMALE ROCK VOCALS  and  SCARLET STITCH nominated by the Georgia Music Awards for Best Rock band this Athens, Georgia based band  has been creating their own musical style for several years.  Scarlet Stitch prides themselves on their classic rock and roll drive that is completely interrupted by hints of outlaw country, mixed in with the playfulness of a jam band that ends up mingling with an alternative rock feel.  THAT IS SCARLET STITCH!!!!

Scarlet Stitch live performances are captivating and truly infectious.  Scarlet Stitch continues to write original songs about real life experiences and right now Scarlet Stitch is  working with  VEGA STUDIOS to get out a  3rd Album.  You will be touched and connected to this humble band of musicians after hearing their first song.

Don't forget to check out Scarlet Stitch Acoustic Shows.  

Deb and Duke have a live album availible at gigs and look for the bands 3rd album to make it's debute this year. 


Scarlet Stitch Acoustic

Scarlet Stitch shows off their acoustic guitars, acoustic bass, and cajon, and sometimes the famous "rock and roll banjo man" Rich Born joins in, to share a fun and creative sound that is perfect for smaller venues.   Scarlet Stitch still brings the same tenacity to their original tunes played acoustic as they do plugged in.  They have altered a few cover songs to fit their style and fans are often surprised hearing a new take on a familiar song.  These acoutic sets give their music a place to become more exposed which then allows the audience and the band to connect more intimately.  Make sure you look for Scarlet Stitch Acoustic on the calendar page. 


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