Deb “grew up” blasting music and singing at the top of her lungs to songs by Donna Summers, Jennifer Holiday, Pat Benatar and Diana Ross in her room till a neighbor pounded on the wall yelling “YO BROOKLYN TURN IT DOWN!!” Writing songs has helped Deb reclaim pieces of herself that were once stolen while at the same time getting back at those who did her wrong. (Never piss off a song writer!) Playing with Scarlet Stitch for years, Deb has learned to be the guys personal assistant and full time mind reader, being the only one who knows the answers to " What time is the gig? What gig? Where is the gig? 11AM not PM? (*ie—Donnie Bowden) Today? We have a gig today?"Deb still cranks the music and sings too loud in the garage, but the big difference is, these days, the neighbors are fans.